CP GUD is a newly-published author who is fond of fictional stories. He dedicates his time to writing stories that would take readers to a new level. The book, “Reservation,” is a fictional novel based on a tribe, redskins, battles, magic, love, hate, and much more. The author has achieved a reputable degree in Linguistics and hopes to entertain the readers with more stories and widen their imaginations.


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Reservation is a fictional novel based on seventeen episodes of constant thrill, fun, mystery, and magic for its readers. The chapter opens on a chilly night with stars covering the sky and throwing their light upon the valley called Amaguah. The Chief Redhawk and its tribal people are having a feast with music and food. The Chief is focused on who will be the next Chief after him when his daughter come sand ask him for a dance. What the Chief and the tribe people didn’t know was ablood bath was on its way. The start of something bigger, magical, mysterious, and different was on its way to the Redhawk tribe and its people. different was on its way to the Redhawk tribe and its people.

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